True Food Kitchen & Bar

Rustic White Oak · Custom Color

Location: Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
Designer: Aria Group
General Contractor: Jet Construction Services
Product Type: American White Oak, Hit & Miss Texture, Circle Sawn Texture, FlameStop II, Custom Color

Rustic White Oak · Custom Color

Health food meets the Vegas Strip, as a revolutionary restaurant concept opens at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Hotel

Dr. Andrew Weil’s concept for a restaurant was simple: He wanted to serve great food, that happened to be good for you. What started out as a relatively simple idea in 2008 has now expanded into a nationwide chain with plans to have approximately 40 restaurants open by the end of 2020. With a newsworthy investment from Oprah Winfrey in 2018, True Foods Kitchen has
grown from its original Phoenix, Arizona location into a lifestyle powerhouse, all centered around serving unique and innovative anti-inflammatory dishes.

Rustic White Oak · Custom Color

One of the newest True Foods Kitchen restaurants just opened this year at the Forum Shops at Caesars, the high-end retail shopping experience attached to Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. The Forum Shops, first opened in 1992 and undergoing major expansions through the early 2000’s, is modeled to fit a fantasized version of what life in Roman times might have been like for the rich and famous. Per-square-foot, it is also considered the highest grossing shopping mall in the nation, housing luxury brands from all over the world.

One of the highlights of the Forum Shops are the spiral escalators at the main entrance, sitting atop a reflecting pool. As of Spring 2020, this reflecting pool houses the first ever True Bar, seemingly floating atop the waters of the pool in this new prime location. The bar features the same ethos of the main restaurant, with non-alcoholic detox offerings presented alongside traditional and upscale alcoholic options. Between the prime location and the uniquely health-centered drink menu, True Bar is the perfect fit for a Las Vegas currently in the midst of a major innovative shift.

To help bring this vision to life, Hewn Elements provided over 2,800 linear feet of white oak box beams, in addition to over 1,800 linear feet of flat-stock material for the project. Hewn Elements’ contributions include much of the finished wood product on display, in both the True Bar and True Foods Kitchen locations in the Forums at Caesars Palace.

With a presence in the high-end wood finishing industry that spans back decades, the talented artisans at Hewn Elements are able to accommodate commercial requests for prefinished material at any scale.