The Residences at Rolling Hills Country Club

Premium quality meets high-end design in crafting beams for a stunning luxury development

Rolling Hills Estates, a city quietly hiding in the southwest corner of Los Angeles County, is the picturesque setting for a series of model homes that Hewn was asked to provide high-end custom box beams for. These homes, part of The Residences at Rolling Hills County Club, were developed by The Chadmar Group, and feature designs by Objekt Designs. The sprawling beam assemblies in these homes were crafted to look as though they are are an essential structural part of these houses, while in actuality, they all consist of the signature hollow real-wood box beams that Hewn has become famous for creating.

Hewn was selected early on in the process, with expert coordination provided by Fabrice Spies of SoCal Building Solutions, one of our premiere salespeople. Fabrice Spies specializes in luxury living, catering to high-end projects and clients in the Southern California region. His expertise in understanding the desires and needs of this project’s clientele helped secure Hewn as a critical supplier for these model homes, providing a timeless look and feel in these modern spaces. For one of the homes, Hewn provided Rustic Reclaimed box beams, with deep browns and golden hues imparting a Western look. For another home, Hewn created a custom color with grey overtones, intended to be a lighter version of our Corral option with a slightly different personality. 

Both of these design choices came about after a thorough sample approval process, part of our standard operating procedure for any of our clients and design partners. In addition to the custom and stock options that we provided, we also contributed a set of quality paint-grade beams for one of the model homes. While typical paint-grade elements are often basic by their very nature, the paint-grade beams that Hewn provided utilized a thick, high-grade primer with multiple coats and an eye towards eliminating imperfections. 

When the final product is intended for such a pristine space, Hewn believes it is worth it to go the extra mile to ensure the on-site painter has little-to-no prep work required. Hewn has continued to provide beams for new builds in this development, in addition to numerous high-end projects in the region.