About Us

Our commitment, drive, and enthusiasm caused the opportunity to manufacture products for commercial installations and personal residences from coast to coast, enhancing architecture and freeing the mind of those trusted to take a dream and construct reality. If you have ever held a piece of antique reclaimed wood, you are drawn by the beauty that nature created over years and years of exposure to the elements. The unique patina, wind blown texture and visual that no two boards are ever the same. Our mission is to create this texture and tone that naturally occurs on a new wood substrate, over and over, yet never looking the same or manufactured. Reclaimed wood is a diminishing commodity, it is our duty to help preserve the treasures that still stand. Although Hewn is not the first company to create reproduction barnwood, we will lead the industry in product and business.

Our commitment to you the architect, builder, client or designer is this: An offering of the most authentic reproduction barnwood building products on the market with an exceptional personal experience that is backed by our business model, ethics and passion for more than satisfied customers. Each product is personally inspected by our outstanding production team and our sales staff is unparalleled in this industry. We thank each of our past customers and look forward to the new ones that will help us grow and enhance architecture.

Office & Sales Team