Northwestern Spruce Box Beams

Hewn’s Northwestern Spruce Box Beams are made from the same real Northwestern Spruce that we use in our wood siding products. Our beams provide all of the characteristics of a solid wood beam, at a fraction of the weight. We don’t use thin veneers or cast polyurethane substitutions. These beams are a real-wood product. 

All of our products are textured by hand, guaranteeing that no two pieces of wood will look identical. Every beam we craft is unique, and our inspiration is drawn from the wood itself. In addition to our standard color and texture options, we also offer custom finishes, unfinished/raw box beams, and paint-grade options.

Beam Textures

(Displayed in Northwestern Spruce · Weathered Grey)

Northwestern Spruce - Weathered Grey - Standard

Wire-brushed texture with a consistent thickness and a flat surface.

Northwestern Spruce - Weathered Grey - Distressed

Similar face to our Standard texture, but with the addition of nail holes and cracks.

Northwestern Spruce - Weathered Grey - Hand Hewn
Hand Hewn

Crafted to mimic the shaping of wood with traditional hand tools.

End Caps

Our optional end caps are offered in two variants: Standard Grain and End Grain. Our Standard Grain features the same texture and finish found on the face of our beams. Our End Grain features a real wood cross-section, with visible tree rings.

Standard Grain

End Grain

(End Caps shown in Oak)

Straps & Joint Options

For Northwestern Spruce beam lengths longer than 15’6″, you can choose one of our joint options shown below. We also offer solid metal beam straps, in both a smooth and hammered texture, to accompany your chosen joint option. All straps are made-to-order to your specific dimensions, and are individually shaped for every beam.

Beam joints are not grain-matched. They are not designed to be invisible to the eye.

Lap Joint
Lap Joint
Lock Joint
Lock Joint
Butt Joint
Butt Joint

Lap Joint

Lock Joint

Butt Joint

(Joints shown in Oak)

Lengths & Widths

One piece Northwestern Spruce box beam lengths are available from 4’ to 15’6″. For lengths longer than 15’6″, you can choose one of our joint options. All of our box beams are completely customizable to the specifications of your project. For Northwestern Spruce and Cedar, we offer standard widths from 3″ to 10¾″, and extended widths (requiring a glue-up) from 10⅞″ to 22″. We also offer custom color matching and custom color formulations to ensure that our product is perfect for your installations.

Heritage Collection

Hewn’s Heritage Collection is designed to replicate the look and texture of traditional American barnwood, featuring colors and finishes that are appropriate for both rustic and modern applications. All of our Heritage offerings feature raised wood grain, highlighting the natural uniqueness of the sustainably-sourced material that we utilize in our products.

A Proven Material

Spruce has been used as a building material for centuries, particularly in Europe and North America. Historically, it was often used in the construction of log cabins and other rustic structures due to its abundance and relatively low cost. Spruce was also used in the construction of ships and boats due to its light weight and strength, adding to its track-record of reliability and trustworthiness. Hewn continues this tradition, providing our custom Northwestern Spruce Box Beams for residential and commercial use, allowing modern designers the ability to utilize this historical resource.

Hand Hewn
Northwestern Spruce Box Beam · Saddle · Hand Hewn

Custom Options

Hewn’s Northwestern Spruce Box Beams can be customized to fit the individual needs and specifications of your particular project. Our finely skilled craftsmen can modify nearly any part of our in-house process to create a material designed according to your specifications, and our color technicians can match any shade or tone provided to us as part of our custom sampling process. 

The Northwestern Spruce Advantage

Hewn sources all of our Northwestern Spruce from North American sources, with a focus on sustainability and consistent quality. It is a strong and durable wood species that can add warmth and character to any space. Our product can easily withstand everyday wear and tear, and is designed with longevity in mind.

Spruce Beam - Farm Fleet - Standard
Northwestern Spruce Box Beam · Farm Fleet · Standard



Englemann Spruce


#2 Grade

Material Thickness



4′ to 15′6″ (Single Board)
15′6″ to ∞ (With Joint)

Max Width & Height

10½″ (Single Board)
21″ (With Glue Seam)


Available in Collection and Custom Colors


Hand Hewn


Lap Joint
Lock Joint
Butt Joint


(Custom assemblies available upon request)