Solid White Oak Flooring

Hewn is one of the few American companies with a nationwide presence producing timeless solid White Oak flooring crafted with traditional methods. We start with 1″ solid rustic white oak, and utilize the natural surface of the wood as our platform to create the timeless look and tone of an antique board. With the ability to mix board widths up to 9″ (wider widths available based on market conditions) in a variety of lengths from 5′ to 10′, our hardwood flooring product can achieve any vision you have in mind. 

This flooring material is sourced from the Northern Midwest region of the United States. These boards are cut, seasoned and dried before being shipped directly to our shop. All of our flooring is hand-tooled, and delivered with factory finished edges. Our products can be delivered within predictable deadlines, and are free of any dangerous contaminants that are often found in reclaimed wood products or cheaper hardwood flooring from non-domestic sources. While we use many modern techniques to create our hardwood flooring products, each piece of wood is unique, and has its own distinct character that is often missing from mass-produced flooring.



Solid White Oak
(French Cut)


Rustic Grade
(Intended to show knots and character throughout)

Standard Widths

5″, 7″, 9″
(Sold as equal amounts in linear footage, single width options available. Wider widths offered based on market availability)


5′ to 10′
(Longer lengths available upon request)


Tongue and Groove
(With relief-cut underside)


Rustic Natural
Stone Grey
Tan Bark


Standard (Smooth)
Classic (Hit & Miss)
Hand Scraped
Circle Saw Standard
Circle Saw Classic


3/4″ Standard
(Optional thicknesses include
13/16″, 5/8″, 1/2″)

This entire line includes hand tooled micro-beveled edges and ends. It is also sealed with multiple layers of nontoxic sealers that safely protect your floor finish.

Catalog Colors

Catalog Textures

Solid Oak Flooring - Stone Grey - Standard

Wire-brushed texture with a consistent thickness and a flat surface.

Solid Oak Flooring - Stone Grey - Classic

Hit and miss texture, with variation between the original surface, and the smooth planed surface.

Solid Oak Flooring - Stone Grey - Hand Scraped
Hand Scraped

Features timeless tool marks that create our most textured surface, with subtle height variations.

Solid Oak Flooring - Stone Grey - Circle Saw Standard
Circle Saw Standard

Our smooth Standard texture, with accompanying circle saw markings.

Solid Oak Flooring - Stone Grey - Circle Saw Classic
Circle Saw Classic

Our hit and miss Classic texture, with accompanying circle saw markings.

Textures shown in Stone Grey

Buff - Smooth

Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

Hewn’s Solid Wood Flooring is designed for multiple lifetimes of use. In a market flooded with cheap laminate substitutes, solid hardwood flooring is an investment into the future of your home or space. Our solid hardwood flooring is thick enough to be sanded and refinished numerous times over the course of its life. This material can also be purchased in wider widths, an option that is increasingly more difficult to find due to the time and skill involved in producing it at scale.

Standard Profile

Most of our flooring is produced with a standard T&G profile.

White Oak Flooring · Buff
Buff - Skipped Circle Sawn


Custom accessories are available for your flooring design. Accessories include stair treads, transition strips, bullnose, shoe base, trim, wood floor vents, and other milling options that can be produced to match your flooring finish.

Stair Tread Accessories

Hewn’s Stair Tread Accessories allow you to continue the timeless look of your flooring along any stairway or flight of steps. Our custom accessories, produced in-house, allow for a degree of specialization that is impossible to replicate from a big-box flooring store. Our Stair Tread Accessories include, but are not limited to:

Square Edge Tread
Bull Nose Tread
Box Tread 

Square Edge Tread

Bullnose Tread

Buff - Box Treads
Box Tread Cross-Section
Product: White Oak Flooring
Tan Bark - Hand Scraped | Buff Trim Package

Flooring Trim Accessories

Our Flooring Trim Accessories allow you to complete the look of your floor, with matching or complementing colors. These accessory pieces are made alongside your flooring in our workshop, and can be customized to fit any needs or requirements. Our Flooring Trim Accessories include, but are not limited to:

Shoe Base Profile
Transition Strips
Flooring Reducer
1/2″ Quarter Round
3/4″ Quarter Round
1″ Quarter Round
Plinth Blocks

Custom Options

Our full-service design and production team is capable of providing a finished floor product with options in milling, texture, color, and finish on all wood flooring species and grades.  These finishes range from rustic old-world characteristics to smooth and perfected fine finishes.  We specialize in matching your needs using, photos, samples, and descriptions. Once a sample is matched and approved we are able to produce your order accordingly.

Thickness, width, and length limitations are determined by the raw material we source. This allows us to be flexible based on your design specifications.

Product: White Oak Flooring
Charred - Hand Scraped