Finish-Matched Fasteners

Hewn’s Finish-Matched Fasteners offer a unique opportunity to utilize specially curated custom-colored nails and screws to match your Hewn Siding and Paneling products. Hewn’s Fasteners are provided in ten different color options, and when paired using our recommendations, result in an installation where the heads of the fasteners visually complement the finished product.

Finish-Matched Nails

Hewn’s 15° wire-coil, painted, full-round-head, ring-shank nail combines the short-term benefit of increased fastening efficiency with the long-term benefit of stainless steel. They are ideal for fast driving and superior holding in wood siding applications, and have a painted finish that helps the heads blend with the material. This collated nail is compatible with many major manufacturers’ pneumatic tools.

Brainstorm Bronze Nails
Cedar · Aloha · Brainstorm Bronze Nails
Cedar · Corral · Brainstorm Bronze Nails
Downing Earth Nails

Our Nails Feature

  • Checker pattern on heads blends with wood grain, reduces glare from sunlight.
  • Durable painted finish helps heads blend with siding material
  • Annular ring shank increases withdrawal resistance to provide a secure attachment to siding boards
  • Slender gauge and diamond point for easier driving

Finish-Matched Screws

Hewn’s Trim-Head decking screws are available in stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments where wood siding is installed. Our Trim-Head screws provide a clean finish because of their special head design, and are available with painted heads in colors that match our siding finishes.

Van Dyke Screws
Cedar · 50% Graphite · Graphite Screws
Accoya · Desert Sand · Downing Earth Screws
Brainstorm Bronze Screws

Our Screws Feature

  • Trim-style head is less noticeable on Hewn siding finishes
  • Type-17 point for fast starts
  • Coarse threads on approximately 2/3 of the shank draw the decking and other material tightly to the framing
  • 6-lobe drive provides drive control and long bit life
  • Choose Type 316 for seaside applications and superior corrosion resistance
  • Predrilling recommended near board ends to prevent splitting
  • T15 6-lobe drive (replacement bit model BIT15T-2-R2)
  • Heads painted for a concealed appearance

Suggested Color Pairings


Daku Ban Accoya
Daku Ban Cedar
Dark Roast

Brainstorm Bronze

Desert Sand Cedar
Peppercorn Accoya


Trillium White

Deep Forest Brown


Downing Earth

Desert Sand Accoya
50% Driftwood
High Desert
Mushroom Accoya
Mushroom Cedar


50% Graphite
Rustic Natural
Weathered Grey

Honed Soapstone

Farmwood Light
Hampton White
Stone Grey

Rice Grain

Linen White

Sedate Grey

Titanium White

Van Dyke

Barn Red
Farm Fleet
Farmwood Dark
Rustic Reclaimed
50% Rustic Reclaimed
50% Saddle
White Wash