Masterpiece in the Columbia River Gorge

A pristine property highlights some of Hewn’s best real-wood offerings.

Located roughly an hour’s drive east of Portland, Oregon through the historic Columbia River Gorge, this newly-built property combines the modern appeal of an open concept floor plan with the rustic charm of real-wood flooring, ceilings, and accent pieces. Hewn’s timeless White Oak Flooring, in our catalog Buff color and Standard finish, fills nearly every interior square foot of this custom-built space. The ceilings are similarly adorned with Hewn’s TruRustic Sun Bleached, brightening up the space with a lighter natural look. 

The various barn doors throughout the property also feature this same Hewn material, creating a cohesive look and feel that can be difficult to perfect when sourcing from multiple suppliers. And the exterior of the structure is adorned with Hewn’s Exterior Cedar Siding, in a custom grey color, which complements the surrounding landscape and is sealed for protection against the elements.