The latest addition to our Hewn texture line-up, unlike anything on the market.

Our woodworkers and skilled artists here at Hewn constantly push the limits of what is possible to create out of new, sustainably sourced wood material. Our latest textural product offering, Shipwreck, continues this legacy by combining our fine attention to detail with our unmatched ability to craft exquisite lightweight box beams that look like solid timbers from any distance.

Shipwreck is the most textured finish option that we have ever offered. This texture combines the cracks and nail holes of our Distressed texture option, with a heavy Hand Hewn look that goes beyond what we have previously offered on any wood species.
The depth of this texture is unmatched as well, featuring not just notch marks, but actual dimensional variance on the outside surface of the wood.


Shipwreck Beam

Our inspiration for Shipwreck comes from the finely crafted wood sailing vessels of yesteryear, many of which have met their demise in the deep depths on bottom of the ocean. 

While salvage operations may be out of reach, Shipwreck allows you to tap into this seafaring legacy for your own home or commercial space. Whether your design is nautical in nature, or modern with a hint of rustic charm, our Shipwreck box beams can be incorporated into your space with ease, and fully customized to fit your needs.  

Contact us today to learn more about Shipwreck, order material samples, and to begin your individualized design and  ordering process.