Interior Cedar Paneling

Hewn’s Interior Cedar Collection is created using our unique color process, and is equally durable for both residential and commercial applications. Our material is sold as solid boards with multiple milling and width options, and in a variety of catalog colors and texture options. In addition to our standard options, Hewn’s highly-skilled team of color and finish specialists are able to craft custom creative and multidimensional color finishes, which allow designers and architects to realize their unique project palettes. If you can dream it, Hewn can create it.

Trusted for Centuries

Cedar has a long history of being used as a building material for houses, ships, religious structures, and objects of importance, spanning from ancient times to the modern day. The Western Red Cedar that Hewn exclusively uses is sourced from regions in and around the Pacific Northwest, where cedar has long been trusted for its stability against the elements, and its protection against mold and mildew.

This proven track-record, combined with Hewn’s unique and proprietary finishes, results in a product that is unmatched and highly sought-after in the industry.  



Western Red Cedar


Select Tight Knot




8′ to 16′
(Sold as random lengths)

Standard Widths

1×4 (3 1⁄2” face)
1×6 (5 1⁄2” face)
1×8 (7 1⁄4” face)
1×10 (9 1⁄4” face)
1×12 (11 1⁄4” face)


Board to Board
Tongue & Groove


Available in Standard and Custom Colors



Custom Options

Hewn’s Interior Cedar Paneling can be customized to fit the individual needs and specifications of your particular project. Our finely skilled craftsmen can modify nearly any part of our in-house process to create a material designed according to your specifications, and our color technicians can match any shade or tone provided to us as part of our custom sampling process. 

The Cedar Advantage

Hewn sources all of our Cedar from North American sources, with a focus on sustainability and consistent quality. When properly installed and cared for, Hewn’s Exterior Cedar Siding is designed to last long into the future. Whether you are looking to add a splash of wood to a modern look, or give a space a complete rustic renovation, Hewn’s Interior Cedar Paneling is a prime choice for an interior design option.

Street of Dreams 2022 (Newberg, Oregon)

Milling Profiles

Hewn’s Interior Cedar Paneling is available in a variety of milling profiles, designed to fit the individual needs of your project. Please inquire regarding custom milling if you do not see your profile listed here.

Our Interior Cedar Paneling is milled to your requested specifications in-house, allowing for the highest level of oversight throughout the entire production process.


Standard Cedar Board-to-Board

T&G Milling Profiles

T&G 1/16" Fine Line

T&G 1/8" Fine Line

T&G 1/4" Fine Line

Shiplap Profiles

Shiplap 1/16" Fine Line

Shiplap 1/8" Fine Line

Shiplap 1/4" Fine Line

Standard Milling Profile Widths

Square Edge

1×4 (3½” face)
1×6 (5½” face)
1×8 (7¼” face)
1×10 (9¼” face)
1×12 (11¼” face)

Tongue & Groove

1×4 (3⅛” face)
1×6 (5″ face)
1×8 (6¾” face)
1×10 (8¾” face)
1×12 (10¾” face)


1×4 (2¾” face)
1×6 (4¾” face)
1×8 (6½” face)
1×10 (8½” face)
1×12 (10½” face)