Interior Touch-Up | Pint


This ready-to-mix touch-up is designed to be used for small touch-up areas, such as end-cuts, nicks, and minor installation damage.

This is a water-based formula, and is only designed for our unsealed interior products, including:

  • Northwestern Spruce (excluding Natural and Rustic Natural)
  • Cedar (excluding Natural and Rustic Natural)
  • White Oak (excluding Buff)

This touch-up is NOT designed for any of our sealed and/or exterior products.

Note: Do not use this material to “stain” the entire surface area of the wood, it is not designed to absorb into the wood over large surface areas, and will not result in a usable look.

Touch-Up Instructions

Mix very well with the quantity of water that your packet of powder is labeled for (pint or quart).

Apply with brush to area needed. Be sure to apply an even coat. Let the touch-up dry fully before adding a second coat if needed. This liquid will be thin and will be sufficient to cover a large amount of touch-up areas.

Your material will take 1-2 hours to see full results. Apply several coats if needed with an artist paint brush. Let coat dry before re-applying.

This touch-up mixture is best used within 60 days. If you intend to save part of this touch-up for later, we recommend mixing only half the powder with half the appropriate amount of water, as this touch-up has a longer shelf-life in powdered form.