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A and Better Clear Vertical Grain Cedar, often simply referred to as CVG Cedar, is a highly prized and sought-after wood option known for its exceptional beauty and versatility. What sets this option apart is its distinctive grain pattern, characterized by straight, closely spaced vertical lines that run primarily parallel to the length of the board. This unique grain pattern is a result of how the wood is sawn and cut, and can be showcased on both interior and exterior applications.

Custom Options

Hewn’s A and Better Clear Vertical Grain Cedar Siding and Paneling can be customized to fit the individual needs and specifications of your particular project. Our finely skilled craftsmen can modify nearly any part of our in-house process to create a material designed according to your specifications, and our color technicians can match any shade or tone provided to us as part of our custom sampling process. Please contact a Hewn sales representative for more information.

A and Better CVG Cedar Specifications


Western Red Cedar


A & Better Clear Vertical Grain




6′ to 20′
(Odds and evens)

Standard Widths

1×4 (3 1⁄2” face)
1×6 (5 1⁄2” face)
1×8 (7 1⁄4” face)
1×10 (9 1⁄4” face)
1×12 (11 1⁄4” face)


Board to Board
Tongue & Groove


Interior Paneling
Exterior Siding



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