McKinnely Princess Wilderness Lodge


Contractor: Censor Commercial Construction

Products: Dāku Ban (Custom)

Before Dāku Ban became a staple of our Shou Sugi Ban collection, it started out life as a request for a custom finish designed to furnish the walls of Y7 Yoga’s newest Los Angeles studio. 

Located on famous Sunset Boulevard, this location would be decked out with our pitch-black Shou Sugi Ban alternative in its front entrance and lobby spaces, complementing the high-contrast look of the establishment at-large.

Y7 Yoga is no stranger to innovation and thinking outside of the box. The studio chain is famous for pumping high-energy music during its many classes, offering high-end amenities that are often overlooked at most yoga studios. And this flagship Los Angeles location takes advantage of its sunny setting, offering both indoor and outdoor changing rooms, lockers, and showers. 

With a mission statement to make yoga inclusive and accessible, and with fourteen locations across New York and Los Angeles, Y7 Yoga is raising the bar for what a modern twist on a traditional art can look like.