Plywood Beams

Hewn’s Custom Plywood Box Beams are offered as part of our extensive finishing capabilities, and feature a wide range of options and finishes. Plywood Beams can be made in a wider range of wood species, and nearly unlimited finish options. All of our Plywood Beams are made-to-order to your individual specifications, and can be customized to match any vision or existing material.

Plywood Box Beams · Custom
Alder · Plywood Beam
Walnut · Plywood Beam
White Oak · Plywood Beam

Standard Plywood Beams can be made without a joint at lengths up to 7’10”, with widths and heights ranging from 1.5” up to 47” per side. Hewn can manufacture our Plywood Beams using any species of plywood available on the market, allowing for extensive options and customizability.

Pre-assembled beams with joints are available up to 40’. Multiple joint options are available, and can be selected as part of the design process.

Plywood Box Beams · Custom

Hewn also offers pre-manufactured cloud systems, as well as radius and arch beams, all of which are made possible by the unique properties of plywood. These plywood beam assemblies are manufactured in our production facilities with the intent of being easily installable on the jobsite, with minimal on-site woodworking required. Our design and manufacturing specialists can help bring your vision to reality, no matter how simple or complex the scope of your project may be.