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and custom millwork, for commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.

Featured Products

Class A Ignition-Resistant Siding

Our Class A Exterior Pressure Treated Ignition-Resistant Lumber maintains the visual look and feel of our traditional exterior cedar siding, while implementing an industry-leading fire treatment process that modifies the wood to its core. Subjected to industry-standard accelerated weathering tests (ASTM D-2898), Flame Spread (ASTM D-84), and are verified by International Code Counsel ESR-1159 and ESL-1021.

Finish-Matched Fasteners

Hewn’s Finish-Matched Fasteners offer a unique opportunity to utilize specially curated custom-colored nails and screws to match your Hewn Siding and Paneling products. Hewn’s Fasteners are provided in ten different color options, and when paired using our recommendations, result in an installation where the heads of the fasteners visually complement the finished product.

Why Choose Hewn

Hewn is America’s leading manufacturer of boutique, prefinished wood products. We specialize in being a one-stop-shop for all commercial and residential prefinished wood needs, including custom box beams, exterior siding, interior paneling, wood flooring, decking, and more.

Hewn’s artisans have decades of combined experience in the industry, and our products represent only the finest options available on the market. We specialize in traditional wood species, in addition to innovative options including Accoya®, Kebony, thermally modified wood, and Class A Ignition-Resistant cedar siding.

Our strengths as a company consist of the complete understanding and sourcing of renewable material supplies, in-house manufacturing processes, and unsurpassed finishing capabilities.

Our sales team work directly with architects, builders and designers to understand the context of the design intent and when applicable, offer alternate value engineering solutions.

Hewn (v.) -

The act of having cut something (usually wood) by hand, with an axe, pick, or other tool.

Vertical Integration

Hewn’s processes follow your project from start to finish, and beyond. We work directly with lumber suppliers to source our raw material, and finish it to the exact specifications of your project, packing and shipping our product directly to your jobsite. And after your project is complete, Hewn’s Maintenance Team provides continued care as part of our optional warranty package.

We understand construction. Mistakes happen on job sites, and schedules get tight. When purchasing from Hewn, we enter into a partnership with you. We’re here to help you get your job done.

We strive to eliminate the middle-man, operating as a one-stop shop for the manufacturing process. Our Oregon facility features 60,000 ft² of milling, fabrication, and finishing, with an in-house team capable of tackling any challenge. Having our entire production process under one roof helps us save you time and money, through expert value engineering and total oversight of the production process.

Our Catalog

Hewn offers an assortment of standard products, textures, and colors, in addition to our extensive commercial and custom millwork. These products, along with features and articles, are documented in our limited-run print catalog. To view our catalog online, or to request a physical copy (for contractors and professional trades), please use the links below: 

Sustainable and Timeless

We believe the best way to honor the past is to preserve it. The wood we use is a sustainable resource, sourced locally in North America, and specifically planted with the intent of being harvested via responsible methods. 

When practiced properly, responsible forestry techniques represent one of the greatest tools in the fight to preserve our old-growth forests on a grand scale.

While some of our competitors source their lumber from overseas markets in search of a cheap solution, we believe that such behavior can contribute to irresponsible deforestation on an immense scale. 

We’ve chosen to uphold our dedication to supporting our local economies by sourcing our materials solely from reputable and sustainable suppliers.