Custom Manufacturing

We Understand Construction

Mistakes happen on job sites, and schedules get tight. When choosing Hewn as the supplier for your project’s architectural wood materials, we enter into a partnership with you. Our team is here to help you get your job done, and minimize friction from start-to-finish in producing, delivering, and maintaining the wood products required for your project.

We strive to eliminate the middle-man, operating as a one-stop shop for the complete wood finishing and manufacturing process.

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Vertical Integration

Hewn’s processes follow your project from start to finish, and beyond. We work directly with lumber suppliers to source our raw material, and finish it to the exact specifications of your project, packing and shipping our product directly to your jobsite. And after your project is complete, Hewn’s Maintenance Team provides continued care as part of our optional warranty package.

We understand construction. Mistakes happen on job sites, and schedules get tight. When purchasing from Hewn, we enter into a partnership with you. We’re here to help you get your job done.

We strive to eliminate the middle-man, operating as a one-stop shop for the manufacturing process. Our Oregon facility features 60,000 ft² of milling, fabrication, and finishing, with an in-house team capable of tackling any challenge. Having our entire production process under one roof helps us save you time and money, through expert value engineering and total oversight of the production process.

Custom Products & The Hewn Finish Catalog

Like our competitors, Hewn offers an extensive catalog of existing finish and color options across a wide variety of wood species, informed by decades of experience working with customers and adapting to market research and trends. Unlike our competitors, Hewn encourages using these catalog finishes as a starting point for customization, with the goal of crafting a custom final product individually suited to our clients’ needs. In addition, we specialize in creating new and unique colors and finishes across nearly any wood species, crafting one-of-a-kind results at a scale previously unattainable within the industry.

Our manufacturing arsenal includes a 12” moulder for custom milling, with in-house moulder knife grinding for fast turnaround on custom profiles. We incorporate our grizzley resaw, timesaver wide belt sander, and 12′ swing style hydraulic panel clamp along with shapers, routers, and an assortment of specialty tools in our professional millwork shop. Hewn also operates a dedicated 6,000 ft² finishing shop to provide premium and furniture grade lacquer finishes.

Engineered options are also available, including custom veneer options and manufactured alternatives for solid flat-stock material. Our ability to mix and match solid wood species with engineered options allows for increased material options without sacrificing aesthetic properties, creating new possibilities for commercial installation. No matter your design specifications, our team is capable of crafting your vision from start to finish.

Sampling Process

All successful projects start with a sample matching process. Our custom color matching process begins with a source concept provided by you or your designers. This initial concept starts our design sampling process in which our skilled technicians begin crafting your unique vision, providing constant updates, images, and physical samples along the way. 

Our color technicians have over 75 years of combined experience in the industry, and are capable of bringing to life nearly any conceptualized finish. At the end of the design sampling process, copies of your sample are stored in our Sample Database for a minimum of three years, allowing future reference for additional material to be crafted at later dates if needed.

Hewn’s Sampling Process is a required part of every order, even if that order begins with the selection of a Hewn Finish Catalog. This ensures that every order is tailored to the exact aesthetic and physical demands of each individual project.  


Source Material


Sample Approval


Source Material


Sample Approval

Value Engineering

At Hewn, our vast expertise in wood and finishes allows us to work with the team to help achieve the utmost function with care to cost. Over the years, we have developed a streamlined process that accurately calculates the cost of a particular finish or texture that can be replicated on intimate or large scale projects. Cost of wood and freight can fluctuate, but our processes do not, which assists in maintaining accurate budgets even in the midst of challenging market conditions.

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Sample Approval
Value Engineered